Die Casting for a Sustainable Future


While sustainability does not seem to be synonymous with manufacturing processes, the die casting process is one by which sustainability principles can be directly applied. Overall, metal die casting is an energy-efficient process where die cast molds can be reused multiple times versus other methods such as sand casting. The die casting process itself has a small carbon footprint with many die cast materials being reusable and recyclable.

Metal Die Casting Environmesntal Benefits 

When compared to other manufacturing processes like injection molding, metal die casting benefits include greater recyclability with scrap metal materials being recycled and reclaimed. While thermoplastics can also be recycled, environmental factors such as age and temperature can affect the viability of recyclability.

Commonly used die cast metals such as magnesium and aluminum also have a smaller carbon footprint than those of other materials such as nylon.

ISO 14001 Certification

Many die casting manufacturers are ISO 14001 certified. This certification reflects environmental standards that gives manufacturers an environmental framework for effective, efficient, environmental management systems. Die cast manufacturers with the ISO 14001 designation reflect a commitment to creating and following environmentally sustainable practices.

Recyclability of Common Die Cast Metal Materials

Common die cast metal alloys include aluminum, magnesium, and zinc. All 3 metal materials are recyclable, with the metal casting process offering an energy-efficient way to manufacture high-quality metal components.

Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum die cast components are offer strength and corrosion resistance in addition to being a fully recyclable metal.

Magnesium Die Casting

Often used for automotive die cast components, magnesium die casting is an efficient, sustainable, 100% recyclable die casting option.

Die Casting as an Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process

With less scrap waste and metal byproducts, die casting continues to set the standard as an environmentally friendly industrial manufacturing process. Dies can be recast or retooled making the entire die casting process an eco-friendly manufacturing process from start to finish.

Its energy and inherent conservation benefits make it an ideal choice for many OEMs and other manufacturers looking for sustainable options.

Manufacture Sustainable Components with High-Quality Die Casting Services

Find the right eco-friendly die cast manufacturer for your next manufacturing project. Work with a trusted die casting service supplier and get the high-quality, environmentally sustainable components you need.

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