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Metal Casting Prototype Sourcing Services

Compass & Anvil makes it easy to test the functional capacity of your metal casting projects using quality metal prototypes.

Prototypes Lead to Successful Castings

Cast metal prototypes present manufacturers with the opportunity to assess design concepts and production materials with accuracy before moving forward with full production. Relying on the plastic or composite materials that many companies use for prototypes can lead to inaccurate analysis and frustrating implementation. Metal casting prototypes enable manufacturers to thoroughly test the functional capacity of their designs.

Compass & Anvil understands the value of keeping production schedules on track and on budget. Processing time for prototypes can vary depending on the design and quantity of units needed for your order. We can ensure you will receive the precision metal prototype you require within a surprisingly short time frame! We work with a leading industry supplier in the United States for custom metal castings. They are the largest and fastest provider of metal casting prototyping services in the country. Their qualified engineers, state-of-the-art technology, and substantial industry experience work in your favor throughout the development of prototypes for your project.

Contact us today at (408) 205-1319 (Pacific Time) or email us for a no obligation quote for custom metal casting prototypes.