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Customer Testimonials

“Charlie is a smooth operator who is flexible, knowledgeable and a good problem-solver.  He has helped me to develop two different sets of horseshoes and some hand tools.  He goes after good quality and can just ‘take care of it’ for me.  I’ve worked with him for many years now and consider him also my good friend.”

Loet V., distribution company owner



"Charlie has been our resource for aluminum forging since before he opened up Compass & Anvil.  We’ve worked on several jobs and he understands our product need.  And we appreciate his competitive pricing.  He’s the one we go to first to buy aluminum forging because we trust that he’ll get us the best deal for a product that meets our specs.”

Jeanie S., custom prosthetics and orthotics manufacturer purchasing agent


“Charlie gave us the great idea of developing a stocking program for our parts, and helped us to build it.  We’ve worked for many years, creating a couple of different tools together.  He’s easy to work with and deals with all of the details that take up time.  He makes my job a lot easier.”

Jeff G., auto parts services general manager


“We’ve partnered with Charlie for many years, starting with our first job on cylinder teeth.  Since then he has developed new products for us using overseas resources, at our request.  He provides favorable terms and a stocking program that allows us to always have stock available.”

Dale S., farm implement sales company buyer


“Working with Charlie of Compass & Anvil has been great. Our previous supplier continued to have production problems and asked for design concession after design concession. Charlie was able to quickly fabricate high quality parts at an exceptional price. I will definitely work with him again.”

Michael M., medical product design engineer


“Our customer wanted to lower cost of the product but we were unable to provide that using our local suppliers. Charlie promptly provided us with a very competitive quote. He was able to provide us with samples for 1st Article approval. Once approved, parts were received on schedule. We were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the product, which was better than what we were receiving from the local casting shops.  During the whole process Charlie worked closely with us to keep us informed about our orders.”

Tony G., machine shop owner