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Permanent Mold Casting Sourcing

Compass & Anvil facilitates your custom order for short and medium volume production of permanent mold castings in Zinc or Aluminum.

Permanent Mold Casting Process

Using premium graphite permanent mould technology (GPMT), it is possible to achieve castings with the tight tolerances and the surface quality needed for your project. Permanent mold casting utilizes custom reusable graphite molds that are filled using gravity or controlled pressurization. Graphite molds offer stability and accuracy for indefinite use, making it an ideal option for consistent production of high precision components over an extended production lifetime.

The reusable graphite molds used for permanent mold castings can provide dramatically shortened lead times, and eliminate of the costly production associated with other metal tooling processes. Electronic files are sent directly to high speed CNC machines for the milling of the graphite tooling. These mold profiles offer a substantially longer usable life than many other casting options.

Permanent Mold Casting Materials

Aluminum and Zinc Alloys are used in permanent mold casting for their wide range of desirable mechanical and physical properties.

Including but not limited to:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Reduced machining costs due to superior castability
  • Premium surface finish
  • Rapid prototyping and precision machining

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