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Custom Metal Components for Server Farms & Data Centers

Server farms are used in a variety of institutions and businesses to house primary and backup servers and streamline computerized systems. Server farms often consist of varying types of metal containers and shelving units used maintain organization, increase airflow, and protect expensive equipment. Compass & Anvil works with both domestic and international manufacturers who can provide you with high quality metal components for your server farm needs.

Manufacturer Sourcing Services for Server Farm Parts & Components

Compass & Anvil can source high quality custom metal components for small, medium, and large server farms. We will facilitate your project from start to finish, leveraging our long-standing global connections and extensive industry experience to deliver metal manufacturing and fabrication solutions in accordance with your specifications, schedule, and budget. Contact us today to begin discussing your server farm manufacturing project.

Aluminum Extrusions for Server Farm Containment Systems

Aisle containment systems are used in server farms and data centers to improve airflow efficiency and provide adequate ventilation for the electronic equipment stored within. Cold Aisle Containment systems (CAC’s) and Hot Aisle Containment systems (HAC’s) are designed to separate the server supply air from the server exhaust air to prevent overheating and save energy. The aluminum extrusion process provides the thermal conductivity and strength-to-weight benefits necessary for both CAC’s and HAC’s along with panels, walls, perforated doors, and more.

Sheet Metal Fabrication for Server Rack Components & Assemblies

Precision sheet metal fabrication is used to create the server chassis and server racks installed in server rooms, data centers, telecommunication equipment rooms, factory floors, security video centers, and other industrial locations. These components, produced by CNC cutting, punching, bending, or forming processes, make for durable electronic enclosures to support and protect mounted servers, switches, and other types of computer hardware.  

Metal Welding for Custom Electrical Cabinets & Enclosures

Metal welding is a type of fabrication technique that involves the use of high heat to fuse two pieces of metal together. Welding can be used to create various elements of an electrical enclosure, from shelving to brackets to walls, access holes, and more. Between tight tolerance requirements and the possibility of material shrinkage, electrical enclosure welding is a highly complex process that requires experienced welding professionals. Compass & Anvil can connect you with a welder capable of accommodating your electrical enclosure design specifications.

Keep Server Farm Organized & Prevent Overheating With Custom Design Elements

Compass & Anvil understands the necessity of high quality, durable server room components to keep your expensive equipment protected and operating a full capacity. With sourcing partners both in the U.S. and abroad, we can help you find a custom solution for all your server farm needs. We have experience sourcing a wide range of metal structures and components for server farms & data centers, including but not limited to:

  • Containment systems
  • Sever racks & electronic enclosures
  • Perforated doors & panels
  • Frames for doors
  • Shelving for circuitry
  • Hinged wall brackets
  • Housings for cables and wires

Server Farm Components from a Full Service Metal Manufacturing Sourcing Supplier

Compass & Anvil aims to provide metal parts and components in accordance with your budget, timeline, and quality specifications. We will act as a representative for your needs throughout all stages of production, from design to prototyping, to shipping and fulfillment. As a full service sourcing supplier, we can offer the following advantages to your custom manufacturing project:

  • Over 30 years of construction industry knowledge
  • Ability to meet pricing and spec requirements
  • High quality prototypes sourced from the largest provider in the U.S.
  • Exceptional customer service with individualized sourcing services
  • ISO9001 certified manufacturers

Contact Compass & Anvil Today to Outsource Your Server Farm Manufacturing Project

Request a quote today or contact us to discuss the requirements for your server farm manufacturing project.