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Precision Metal Stamping Sourcing Services

Cost-efficient and versatile, metal stamping is a common manufacturing process ideally suited for high-production metal parts and components. At Compass & Anvil, we understand the challenges of finding a dependable metal stamping manufacturer that meets your needs and satisfies your budget.

We take the stress out of the process by sourcing precision metal stamping services from our network of domestic and offshore manufacturers. Since 2005, we have built relationships with forging, stamping, and metal casting companies throughout the US and China.

Why Choose Compass & Anvil for Your Sourced Solutions?

Our decades of industry expertise allow Compass & Anvil to work with a dedicated network of metal stamping manufacturers. Our partners create cost-effective, high-quality metal stamped parts with fast turnaround times. Our hands-on facilitation throughout the metal stamping process helps us to connect you with suppliers to meet your custom specifications and requirements.

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Applications for Outsourced High-Precision Metal Stamping

Metal stamping can be used in applications across a variety of industries. Our past outsourced metal stamping projects have included:

The experts at Compass & Anvil are ready to source solutions for your industry. We work with you, your manufacturing partner, and your requirements to meet your needs.

Considerations for Outsourcing Your Metal Stamped Parts

Precision metal stamping is often used for high production runs of metal components because it provides consistent finishes, thicknesses, and tolerances. Compass & Anvil specializes in facilitating open communication between you and your chosen sourced metal stamping manufacturer as you consider which metal stamping process is best for your application.

How the Metal Stamping Manufacturing Process Works

Precision metal stamping forms metal components by pressing a metal blank or sheet through a stamping machine with a specified die to create a shaped product. The metal processing can occur in one step or multiple steps, depending on the sheet material and desired intricacy of the finished product.

Our reliable network of metal stamping manufacturers can use either mechanical or hydraulic presses to create your component.

Materials for Precision Metal Stampings

The precision metal stamping process can accommodate ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These materials include:

Outsourced Metal Stamping Techniques

Our domestic and offshore manufacturing partners utilize many different metal stamping techniques to meet any requirement, such as:

  • Deep Drawing. As the name implies, this metal stamping technique offers deeper drawing capabilities than standard metal stamping. It is suitable for high-volume runs and small component designs.
  • Wire Forming. Spooled coils or wires are formed and shaped based on your design. This option can be configured into any form in various sizes. Wire forming is often used for spring applications, including compression springs and torsional springs.
  • Progressive Die Stamping. Dies cut sheet metal into the designated profile in this completely automated, cold-worked process.
  • Fine Blanking. This high-pressure, single-step process produces components with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Multi-Slide Stamping. This horizontal press is bigger than a four-slide machine. The slides move via cams and are driven by machine shafts. Multi-slide stamping is ideal for manufacturing complex components.
  • Four-Slide Stamping. Similar to multi-slide stamping, four-slide stamping uses a smaller machine. It is a cost-effective metal stamping technique suitable for high-production runs.

Let Us Source Your Precision Metal Stamped Components Today

At Compass & Anvil, we connect you with a precision metal stamping manufacturer who will meet your requirements in a time-effective way while keeping costs low. Our supplier relationships ensure a seamless process for your metal stamping application, and we have experience working with a range of industries:

Contact us or request a quote today. We will get you the metal stamped components and parts that you need.