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Industrial Cast Iron Hinges

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Find the best industrial equipment manufacturer for your component needs. Compass & Anvil sources reliable industrial equipment manufacturing partners for die cast, metal forging, and precision stamped parts and components. From product development to schedule reinforcement, we ensure your components are manufactured on-time and on-budget.

Custom Metal Fabrication for Industrial Equipment

Compass & Anvil works with a wide range of metal fabricators, manufacturing custom metal parts for both high-volume and low-volume production runs. Working with domestic and international manufacturers allows us to provide you with the best option to meet your production schedule, pricing, and component manufacturing requirements.

Industrial Metal Casting

Our metal casting manufacturers specialize in precision metal casting processes including:

  • Die Casting
    • Offers uniformity for complex shapes. Ideal for high-volume production runs for components that require tight dimensional tolerances.
  • Investment Casting
    • Provides dimensional accuracy and capabilities of producing components with complex geometries.
  • Permanent Mold Casting
    • Low-pressure casting process ideal for rapid prototyping. Provides an exceptional surface finish.
  • Sand Casting
    • Cost-efficient for low-volume runs. Ideal for manufacturing complex metal components.
  • Metal Prototypes
    • Assess design and engineering concepts before you implement full production runs.
  • Metal Forging for Industrial Components

As a versatile manufacturing process, non-ferrous and ferrous metals can be forged. We specialize in metal forging using non-ferrous materials like aluminum, brass, and bronze as well as ferrous materials like steel.

  • Metal forgings provide you a cost-effective way to manufacture reliable, high-strength components.

Industrial Precision Stamping

Ideal for high-production runs, precision metal stamping can create the metal components you need with tight tolerances and consistent finishes. Metal stamping is a cost-efficient way to produce high-volume components with high-speed production.

Manufacturing Expertise from Compass & Anvil

For over 30 years, Compass & Anvil has partnered with trusted industrial equipment manufacturers across the globe. Whether you need custom components or stock parts manufactured, we can source the best manufacturer for your equipment requirements. Additional Compass & Anvil advantages include:

  • Hands-on facilitation during the product development process
  • Materials identification
  • Manufacturability analysis
  • Proposal and negotiations
    • Flexibility with specs, pricing, and deadlines
    • Schedule enforcement
    • ISO 9001 Certification

Sourcing Solutions for Industrial Equipment

Examples of industrial equipment solutions we have helped manufacture include the following parts:

  • Brackets
  • Fittings
  • Hinges
  • Electrical Housings
  • Components in a wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Heavy-duty components
  • Industry-specific parts including automotive, aerospace, and agricultural equipment

Let Us Help You Find the Right Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Today

Call us at (408) 205-1319 (Pacific Time) or request a quote. We can source an industrial manufacturing partner for all your metal fabrication needs today.