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Sourcing Metal Forging Services

With decades of experience sourcing high-quality metal forging services, Compass & Anvil is an expert in sourcing steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and open and closed die metal forging. We have built relationships with domestic manufacturers and Asian partners to source the best metal forging service for your unique application. No matter your needs, Compass & Anvil is the premier sourcing authority for your next forging project.

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Sourced Forging Processes & Services


Steel Forging

Steel is typically hot forged, a forming process that involves heating the metal to a specified temperature and then modifying the material. Some steel alloys require a modification of the hot forging process to ensure grain strength, resistance to corrosion, and limited oxidation. In particular, stainless steel forging is used to create manufactured parts across many industries.

Aluminum Forging

Aluminum is commonly modified into relatively simple designs using a hot metal forging process. The metal is heated to a specified temperature and then deformed using pressure to encourage increased ductility and decreased pore size. This process also prevents strain hardening and reduces yield strength. Some aluminum forged products require additional heat treatments, machining, or coating to produce the desired finished product.

Open & Closed Die Forging

The two most common processes for metal deformation using metal forging are open and closed die forging. While similar in the basic idea of using pressure and temperature to modify material, the two types of forging are distinct. Where open die metal forging does not completely enclose the material between multiple dies, closed die forging uses pressure to compress material to fill an enclosed die impression.

What is Metal Forging?

Metal forging is a metal modification process that uses dies, pressure, and temperature to shape a solid piece of round bar metal into a new shape. This metal material can then undergo further machining to add necessary detail, coatings, or heat treatments.

Are There Metal Forging Advantages?

Yes. Compared to metal casting, metal forging has many benefits. Metal casted products often come with higher tooling costs and create porous products with weaker structural integrity. Forging advantages include:

  • High structural integrity
  • Increased product strength
  • Cost-effective materials
  • Consistent ductility and known yields

Why Should I Source My Metal Forging Services?

Finding a metal forging manufacturer you can trust can be difficult. Add in lengthy lead times, variable prices, and other factors, finding the right forging partner can cause frustration and costly delays.

At Compass & Anvil, we do the heavy-lifting for you. Depending on the specific needs of your application, we help determine if a domestic or Chinese manufacturer fits your project best. We facilitate communications and ensure your production runs smoothly from start to finish. We have the industry knowledge to find you a true manufacturing partner by sourcing metal forging services for any application, including:

Explore examples of our past work to see what Compass & Anvil’s metal forging sourcing services can do for you and your planned project.

Reliable Metal Forging Manufacturers Sourced Through Compass & Anvil

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your metal forging application through our dependable sourcing services. To get started, request a quote. Our experts are ready to facilitate a connection with our trustworthy domestic and offshore metal forging partners.