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Metal Forging Sourcing Services

With over 20 years of forging and manufacturing experience, Compass & Anvil can provide knowledgeable experience sourcing assistance for your forging needs. We are experts in the areas of steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and open & closed die forging. No matter your needs, Compass & Anvil is the premier sourcing authority for your next forging project.

Steel Forging:

Steel is typically hot forged, a metal forming process that involves the metal being heated to a specified temperature and then modified. Some steel alloys require a modification of the hot forging process to ensure grain strength, resistance to corrosion, and limited oxidation. Due to a high level of corrosion resistance, stainless steel forging is used to create many manufactured parts across a number of industries.

Aluminum Forging:

Aluminum is commonly modified into relatively simple designs using a hot forging process. The process involves heating the metal to a specified temperature and then deforming it using pressure. The process encourages increased ductility and decreased pore size while preventing strain hardening and decreasing yield strength. Some aluminum forge products require additional heat treatment, machining or coating to produce the desired finished product.

Brass Forging:

Brass forging uses a hot forging process where the metal is formed using high temperatures and pressure. The brass is heated and then deformed using pressure. Brass is easy to forge and generally allows for close tolerances and limited reheating or additional machining. The forging process allows for accuracy and relative freedom from flaws.

Bronze Forging:

Bronze offers flexibility in the type of forging process that is utilized. Depending on the alloy composition, bronze can be forged at cold, warm, or hot temperatures using closed or open die forging processes.

Open & Closed Die Forging:

There are multiple options for metal deformation using the forging concept. The two most common processes are open and closed die forging. While similar in the basic idea of using pressure and temperature to modify material, the two types of forging are made distinct by their use of dies to form the metal.

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