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Aluminum Chairs

Furniture Manufacturing Sourcing Services

Working with international and domestic metal fabricators, we offer sourcing services for metal components. Our capabilities locate trustworthy manufacturers to create your custom metal fabrications using various processes. Compass & Anvil facilitates orders for custom parts in furniture applications that meet or exceed expectations with timely responses, logistics solutions, and competitive prices to deliver high-quality products.

For the last 15 years, we have built relationships with manufacturers specializing in forging, stamping, metal casting, and extrusions, tube fabrication, and plastic injections in the US and China. International and domestically sourced fabrications are made to exact specifications to address project requirements.

Sourcing Metal Components for Furniture Applications

Having experience working with top-quality metal manufacturers, we can facilitate the production of metal furniture stampings, die-cast parts, forgings, and custom extrusions. Whether you need high volumes, precision, or nearly-finished parts, we can source exactly what you need from our manufacturing partners.

Metal Furniture Stampings

Ideal for irregularly shaped parts, metal stamping fabrication offers versatile, cost-effective solutions for furniture assemblies. Stampings are created by pressing blank sheet metal through a die to create a defined product, with capabilities for more intricate parts in more advanced processes. Compatible with various metal alloys, furniture components made by stamping processes include:

  • Commercial and residential furniture
  • Sliders for drawers and brackets
  • Snap buttons
  • Decorative components
  • Chairs

Furniture Die-Casting Parts

Metal die-casting components can yield high-quality furniture products. With advanced capabilities, die-casting uses complex tooling to deliver nearly finished products after a production run. Producing nearly finished products after a run, die-casting offers precision manufacturing for tight tolerances, with the ability to cast in threads and tapped holes.

Metal Forgings for Furniture

Forging produces the highest-strength component possible. Utilizing dies, excessive force, and temperature, forging transforms metal bars into desired configurations that can be further machined for the specified component. We have manufacturing partners for steel, aluminum, and open and closed die forging capabilities. Fabricating metal forgings for furniture applications can produce the following:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Bed frames and mirrors
  • Knobs and handles

Custom Furniture ExtrusionsOffice Furniture

Our partners can fabricate complex, custom extrusions for furniture applications. Extrusions are lightweight and high-strength for durability and feature excellent malleability for a wide range of manufacturing and engineering techniques. Additionally, our extruding partner offers secondary services, providing a one-stop shop for the following furniture applications:

  • Soft-panel dividers
  • Inserts for wall construction
  • Outdoor chairs
  • Framing and handles
  • Legs and endcaps

Why Sourcing?

It can be difficult to establish reliable business relationships, and knowing a trustworthy sourcing agent can streamline your processes. Able to source various metal fabrication processes, we work with you to determine the best method for producing components to exact specifications. We facilitate communication with the manufacturer for your part, guaranteeing smooth production, lower costs, and fast lead times with logistics solutions. Committed to getting you the best deal, Compass & Anvil is an authentic and dependable sourcing agent of custom metal fabrications for furniture applications.

Get Started Today with Metal Fabrication Sourcing Services

We have domestic and international sourcing partners to meet the needs of your projects. Contact Compass & Anvil with questions about our sourcing services or request a quote to begin manufacturing processes.