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Die Casting

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Magnesium Die Cast shocks


What is High Pressure Die Casting?

Die Casting, also known as high pressure die casting, is a metal product formation process that involves the pressurized filling of a mold cavity with molten metal to create a formed product.

Die Casting Process

Die casting traditionally includes four manufacturing steps:

  1. Die Preparation – Creation of a hardened tool mold cavity that may be lubricated for convenient removal of the final product.
  2. Die Filling – Molten metal is injected into a closed mold at high pressures. The pressure in the mold is maintained until the casting has reached the required level of solidification.
  3. Ejection –Shots are forced out by ejector pins.
  4. Shakeout –Shots are separated into the different components and scrap is removed. Components are generally inspected at shakeout for defects.
Aluminum Die Cast Cover Plate


Casting equipment can be costly to develop and maintain, so it is generally used for high volume production purposes. High pressure die casting produces products with highly accurate dimensions and relatively smooth finished surfaces that limit the amount of secondary processing that might be needed. Finishing operations may be required to produce specialized features such as holes, painting, polishing, plating or buffing.

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