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Aluminum Forging Sourcing Services

Prevalent in the earth’s crust, aluminum is readily available in most markets at competitive prices, making it a frequently utilized material in both industrial and commercial applications. However, finding, contacting, and building a relationship with an aluminum forging manufacturer can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

Compass & Anvil provides service for cost-conscious businesses looking for quality sourcing for their manufactured parts. We have established partnerships with dependable manufacturers that meet any requirement, whether you need your aluminum parts made through forging, castings, stampings, or extrusions.

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Why Should I Outsource my Aluminum Forging Parts?

We have spent our decades in business building relationships with dependable manufacturers who will deliver quality aluminum forged products on time, within budget, and following your exact design. We work with you from start to finish, smoothing communications between you and your chosen manufacturer. We’ll help you by sourcing worry-free parts from our trusted and vetted service providers.

To see how we have helped past clients and can help you, visit our gallery of past work.

Aluminum Forging Processes

Aluminum is commonly modified into relatively simple designs using a hot forging process involving heating the metal to a specified temperature and then deforming it using pressure. This hot forging process encourages increased ductility and decreased pore size while preventing strain hardening and reducing yield strength.

We source three types of forging to manufacture aluminum forged parts: open die forging, closed die forging, and rolled ring forging.

Open Die Aluminum Forging

Also called smith forging or free forging, open die aluminum forging manipulates material between flat dies that do not completely enclose the metal. The aluminum is pressed or hammered between dies in a series of movements that form the metal into the desired shape and size. Open die aluminum forging is typically chosen when forgings are very large, contain few parts, or require a fast turnaround time on delivery.

Closed Die Aluminum Forging

Also called impression die forging, closed die aluminum forging manipulates the material between a set of precut die profiles that fully enclose the metal and press it into the desired shape. Closed die aluminum forging is generally used for large orders or when a finished product requires a complex shape, smaller size, or more controlled finished aesthetic.

Rolled Ring Forging

Rolled ring forging punches a hole in a large metal cylinder or disc, then rolls or squeezes the aluminum to form the desired ring size and thickness. Rolled ring forging is typically used for orders with large quantities, to create medium to large rings, and for projects where finish machining may not be required.

Why Choose Aluminum for Your Hot Forged Component?

Common aluminum and aluminum alloys have a low density. At nearly 1/3 the density of steel, aluminum features a high level of ductility and malleability. Aluminum’s density also ensures lightweight yet durable products. Aluminum forgings have high resistance to corrosion due to a layer of aluminum oxide that forms on the surface and prevents further oxidation on the metal surface (passivation phenomenon).

The Advantages of Forging Aluminum Parts

Aluminum forging allows for many beneficial factors, including:

  • High level of strength
  • Porosity elimination
  • Lightweight
  • Easily enhanced surface finish
  • Low material costs

The Disadvantages of Forging Aluminum Parts

Aluminum forging has a few disadvantages, including:

  • Possible atmospheric reactions
  • Warping or variations may develop in the cooling process
  • Additional machining may be necessary

Aluminum Forging for Any Industry

Companies from every industry make use of Compass & Anvil’s high-quality aluminum forging sourcing services. Due to aluminum’s favorable weight to strength ratio, corrosion resistance, versatility, and aesthetically pleasing finish, it is an ideal material for many applications, including:

Reliably Outsourced Aluminum Forging Services from Compass & Anvil

At Compass & Anvil, we do the heavy lifting of locating an aluminum forging manufacturer for you. We have the industry knowledge to find you a true manufacturing partner by sourcing services for any application. Our sourcing capabilities take everything into account from material selection and availability to production and delivery timing.

Contact us today to discuss your project or custom requirements. Request a quote to get started. Our sourcing experts are ready to find the best domestic or offshore aluminum forging operation for your project.