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Die Cast Aluminum Parts for Electric Vehicles

As automotive manufacturers look to bring electric vehicles into their mainstream vehicle lineups, the importance of die cast automotive parts has also emerged. Many states in the US, as well as countries across the globe, have enacted zero-emission vehicle (ZEVs) initiatives. In doing so, the demand for production and manufacturing of electric vehicles will only continue growing.   

Electric vehicle

Environmental concerns have shifted consumer preferences from fuel-based vehicles to fuel-efficient vehicles. From cars and trucks to SUVs, consumer preferences for electric vehicles are here to stay. It’s important that EV manufacturers can keep up with production demands.

  • Hybrid, battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs), and new-energy vehicles (NEVs) will continue to require innovative, lightweight components.

Aluminum Die Casting for Electric Cars

With weight being a factor for electric vehicle manufacturing, aluminum die casting offers lightweight, corrosion-resistant benefits for a variety of electric vehicle components. Additional aluminum die casting benefits for electric vehicles includes:

  • Precision manufacturing for components that require tight tolerances.
  • Electrically and thermally conductive
  • Aluminum provides an electromagnetic shield around EV batteries and other components

Common Electric Vehicle Die Cast Parts

Common aluminum die cast parts for electric vehicles include the following:

  • PHEV battery enclosure assemblies
  • BEV battery enclosure assemblies
  • Tops of battery enclosures
  • Electric vehicle battery cases/structures
  • Electric vehicle motor housings

Let Us Help You Find the Right Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer

Compass & Anvil provides personalized die casting sourcing services for all your electric vehicle die cast component needs. We can connect you with a die casting manufacturer that can create the prototypes or high-production aluminum die cast components that will keep electric vehicles running smoothly. Call us at 408-205-1319 or contact us today.