Die Cast Components for the Renewable Energy Industry

solar panel

Solar energy. Wind turbines. Electronic vehicles. Alternative energy sources have become more mainstream as manufacturers make a concerted effort to produce sustainable renewable energy solutions. Offering versatility with exceptional strength and lightweight properties, precision die cast components provide the necessary reliability and quality needed for a wide range of renewable energy applications.

Renewable Energy Applications that Benefit from Die Casting

With focus shifting towards renewable and alternative energy, die cast components play an integral role in the creation and manufacture of advanced renewable energy technologies. Die cast parts are used for the following alternative energy applications:

  • Subassemblies for wind turbines
  • Solar energy panels
  • Vehicle parts and components for EV

Die Cast Materials for Alternative Energy Technologies

Die parts for renewable energy applications can be manufactured from a variety of materials. Common materials used for alternative energy systems include:

  • Magnesium alloy castings
    • Magnesium alloy castings are an excellent alternative to steel components. This is especially important for renewable energy applications where weight matters. Additional benefits of magnesium alloy castings include EMI shielding properties.
      • Due to its lightweight and strength properties, magnesium alloys are preferrable for renewable energy applications like turbine subassemblies and solar power applications.
      • Magnesium alloy casting components are also beneficial for BEV, PHEV, and HEV, where light weight helps reduce carbon emissions.
  • Aluminum alloy castings
    • Like magnesium alloy castings, aluminum alloy castings are ideal for applications like structural components for electric vehicles.
      • Aluminum alloy castings are also useful for piping, industrial fans, pumps, and other energy components.
  • Zinc alloy castings
    • With high dimensional stability and excellent electrical conductivity, zinc alloy castings are ideal for EV components and solar energy systems. Zinc alloy castings are also beneficial for wind turbines due to its corrosion resistance properties.

When Quality Matters, Work with Trusted Die Casting Manufacturers

Whether you need a prototype, low-volume or high-volume runs for your renewable energy components, it is important to work with die casting manufacturer with experience designing and developing high-quality die cast metal parts.

Offshore or onshore, we can connect you with a die cast manufacturer who can create the reliable, high-quality renewable energy parts you want. Discuss your renewable energy project with us and find a trusted die cast manufacturer for all your renewable energy needs.

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