Die Casting for Bike Sharing Systems

Bike dock

With sustainable lifestyles continue to gain momentum, bike sharing, and cycling has increased as a popular eco-friendly mode of transportation. While cycling was once considered just a recreational or leisure activity, it has now become a sustainable method of transportation across cities and countries across the globe.

As an inherently sustainable process, die casting for bicycle components and bike share systems provide an economical way to manufacture high-volume components for bike sharing systems.

Die Casting Materials for Bike Sharing Systems

With its quick production cycle times and capability for high-volume manufacturing, die casting offers you a cost-effective way to manufacture a variety of complex and simple bicycle components. Die casting for bicycles and bike share systems offer the following benefits:

  • Tight tolerances and dimensional accuracy
  • Fast cycle times and rate of production
  • High strength
  • Capability of producing complex geometries with thin walls
  • Good surface finishing options

Die casting for bicycle parts and bike sharing systems allows for a quick turnaround for high-volume product runs. Lead times can be drastically reduced with a qualified, die casting manufacturer who can adhere to fleet bicycle production for bike share systems.

Aluminum Die Cast Bicycle Parts

Lightweight, with excellent corrosion resistance, aluminum is commonly used for die cast bicycle parts and bike sharing system components. Its durability can withstand the wear and tear associated with heavy bike sharing usage. Aluminum die cast bike parts can also be made from recycled aluminum, providing increased economic and environmental benefits of aluminum die cast bike parts.

Common aluminum die cast bike components include:

  • Brake levers
  • Handle brackets
  • Brake sets
  • Front and back wheel hubs
  • Handle bars
  • Bike frames
  • Brake shoe holders
  • Bike sharing docks/docking systems
  • Bike suspension forks

Work with Experienced Die Casting Manufacturers

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