Benefits of LED Extrusions

Multi-color RGB LED Light strip

With increased energy efficiency and an eco-friendly design, LED lights offer you the functionality and reliability that make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Due to the brightness and longevity of LED lights, you can find LED extrusions in a wide range of commercial properties as well as sports stadiums. LED light reliability along with its impact capabilities make LED lighting a preferable choice for industrial lighting solutions.   

But what about LED housings? Commonly used for lighting fixtures, metal extrusions offer you an aesthetically pleasing option for lighting installation. While LED lighting can be installed bare, extrusions provide a polished look for LED strip lights that can meet your architectural needs.

Why Aluminum Extrusions Work for LED Lighting

While metal extrusions can be manufactured using a variety of materials, aluminum extrusions are often used for LED profiles. The thermal and electrical conductivity of aluminum make it ideal for LED housings and LED strips. Additional mechanical benefits of aluminum for LED lighting include:

  • High-strength
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Wide selection of aluminum alloy grades and options
  • Malleable
  • Recyclable

High ductility gives aluminum the flexibility necessary to meet custom design functionalities and aesthetics. LED profile extrusions made of aluminum can be painted or polished, allowing you to create suspended or mounted LED fixtures. If your LED extrusions will be used outdoors, aluminum extrusions can protect your lighting from environmental elements that could potentially damage your LED lights.

LED Channel Advantages for Lighting

Whether you use LED channels for recessed, surface, or suspended lighting options, LED profile extrusions offer you design benefits including:

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Heat dispersion for LED lights
    • Prevents overheating
  • Reflects/diffuses light
  • Strength provides uniform shape
  • Professional LED housing option

For mounting purposes, aluminum extrusions offer you a versatile way to protect your LED strip lighting. LED channel can protect your strip lighting from dust and debris. Often available with diffuser covers, extrusions provide a professional aesthetic for your lighting requirements.

Let Us Help You Find an LED Extrusion Manufacturer

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