Common Aluminum LED Profiles

Aluminum profile shelf

To protect your LED strip lights from the weather as well as environmental factors such as dust and debris, aluminum LED extrusions offer you a professional option for lighting installation. While LED extrusions offer you lighting design aesthetics, the extrusions can also dissipate heat and extend the lifespan of your LED strips.

Learn more about the common types of aluminum LED profiles used for commercial and industrial LED housings and enclosures.

Aluminum LED Channel Profiles

While aluminum extrusions have mechanical benefits such as electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, aluminum LED channel profiles can be manufactured in a range of mounting types. These mounts can meet your LED housing requirements as well as aesthetic design needs.

Common LED channel profiles include:

  • Surface Mounted
    • Channel profiles are mounted on the surface/wall/ceiling.
  • Recess Mounted
    • LED aluminum profiles are recessed into ceiling or wall.
  • Corner Mounted
    • As the name implies, corner mounted LED channels are mounted at a 90-degree angle where the channels can be mounted in a corner.
  • Slim Channel
    • Also known as low-profile channel, slim aluminum channels provide you with slimmer extrusion for your LED housing needs.

Channel Shapes for Aluminum LED Extrusions

Like standard aluminum extrusions, aluminum LED extrusions can be manufactured in a wide range of shapes. Commonly used shapes for LED extrusions include T-shape, U-shape, and V-shape extrusion options.

  • T-Shape
    • Aluminum extrusions manufactured with a T-shaped section.
  • U-Shape
    • Shaped in a U form, U channels are often used for general LED extrusion applications.
  • V-Shape
    • Also known as angle-shaped extrusions, V-shaped extrusions are often used for corner applications.

Why LED Aluminum Channel Type Matters

Form and function of the LED aluminum channel type you use for your LED strips matter. Aluminum extrusions can be manufactured in a range of aluminum alloys. Selecting the right type of aluminum for your LED lighting can ensure your extrusions meet your performance requirements. For example, 6061 aluminum offers you a smooth surface finish with easy machinability. It is a general-purpose alloy and versatile alloy for indoor and outdoor LED lighting purposes.

The type of LED channel you choose largely depends on your lighting requirements or design considerations. There isn’t an LED channel profile or shape that is inherently better than others. Your specific lighting fixtures or installation requirements will determine which profile and shape is best suited for your needs.

Get the Aluminum LED Extrusions You Need

With decades of aluminum extrusion expertise, let Compass & Anvil source the right aluminum extrusion manufacturer for your LED profiles. Our network of extrusion manufacturers can customize aluminum extrusions for your industrial and commercial LED channel needs. Contact us and get started on an aluminum LED extrusion project today.

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